Nature vs Nurture & Mentoring

Last week, I had the privilege of being a jury for the finals of Smart India Hackathon, Junior Edition, all of the participants between 8th and 10th grade from schools across the country. I was joined by eminent jury members from academia and the industry. Although all the kids did an amazing job, the difference between them was evident. A small percentage of the kids were ahead in their thought process, and understanding of building things.

Snippet - Delete all S3 buckets with a single command

Deleting S3 buckets can be a painful multistep process. Buckets need to be emptied out before they can be removed with several captchas in place to avoid accidental deletes. aws-cli can be used to do this quickly. The command will delete ALL S3 buckets. Use carefully aws s3 ls | awk '{print $3}' | xargs -n1 -I{} aws s3 rb s3://{} --force Command output

A JSON Based Serverless Quasi-Static Model

Introduction I’ve been working with large NGOs to architect their multi-faceted systems. These systems are responsible for information dissemination, data collection, analysis, and sources & sinks to other systems. Our near term goal was to build an information platform (IP). The MDP was narrowed down to the following feature set. Target persona The IP was intended for 3 main personas. Villagers Direct consumers Low tech capability Language barriers Varied devices - sizes and capabilities Irregular bandwidth Ops team Responsible for training using the content Submitting feedback for content from users Updates to content (limited) Content team Primarily responsible for content Regular content updates Requirements Media support The portal has to support different media types which includes but not limited to; video, digital books, images, audio (podcast).

How I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021 Exam - SAP-C01

Introduction I recently passed my AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification on the first attempt. I wanted to share my experience of preparing for the exam as well as the actual exam day tips and tricks I learnt. I’ll also talk about what to expect and approaches to navigate the challenges. Getting an AWS certification is important for your cloud ecosystem career. Any role including DevOps, Data Engineer, Software Engineer, Architect would immensely benefit from this certification.

The perfect dev environment using AWS for large databases

During the start of a product, the database is quite small, mostly empty or populated with dummy data. Developers prefer having a local database instance running their favorite database like PostgreSQL or MySQL. This frees them from dependencies, and has the added advantage of having near zero latency. As the product grows, inevitably the database also increases in size. In some cases, replicating production issues also requires that the code be run on a copy of the production database.

Project Sentiment Tracker Using AWS Comprehend + Serverless in 1 hour

Project is available at Sentiment Tracker Source code available at Github Sentiment Tracker Homepage Github is a great place to contribute and create amazing projects. As the project scales, so does the team and the issues from users. Most are clear, concise and contructive to the project. Developers leave comments and answer these questions. For a large team, maintaining a positive sentiment around the project needs to be tracked. The goal of this project was to provide a fast way to keep a signboard about the overall project sentiment.