State of developed nations - Perceptions

What you are seeing is that the wealthiest, geographically advantaged, productive capitalist societies in the world flounder and fail at its most basic test. Taking care of its people. This crisis is not about the virus. This crisis is about the massive failure of our, “Booming economy,” to survive even modest challenges. It is about the market dissonance of shortages in stores, even as farmers/producers destroy unused crops and products.

Technology Entrepreneurship - The New Face of Ambition

Ambition is a driving force for the modern-day entrepreneur. In this regard, the difference between the last decade and the present one is advancements in technology that guide entrepreneurs to their goals. It takes a great deal of ambition over creative thought to rise in an economy where technology dictates your brand’s growth and status. In these changing times, entrepreneurs need to decide between an ambitious path that includes creating a technology startup or the 9-5 everyday life.